Managed Backup Services for MSPs Drive Higher Productivity and Lower Costs

Has managing your MSP clients’ existing data protection requirements become an admin nightmare and costing you previous time and resource?
Or do you want to take data protection services powered by Veeam to market but can’t find the time to get everything lined up while you’re managing your clients?
That’s where Storio comes in.
Since we started out as MSPs ourselves, we understand the challenges MSPs face through experience. We know how hard it can be to manage profitable data protection activities for multiple client environments.

Managed Backup Services

With Managed Backup Services Your Clients Are Protected While You Focus on Growing Your MSP Business

Storio’s managed services enable you to focus on essential tasks and maximize your productivity. No matter how many client environments you manage or how complex their backup data protection and compliance needs are, we can take care of them while you grow your business.

Pay-As-You-Go Pricing Crushes High Overheads

Managing clients’ data protection solutions can be expensive for cloud backup providers. That’s why we’ve customized our solutions to meet your expectations. Our simple pay-as-you-go pricing model keeps your costs as low as possible.

Unlock a Portfolio of MSP Support Services

For a single monthly subscription, you’ll benefit from our extensive portfolio of managed data protection and cloud storage solutions.

Gain Visibility Across Clients With an Easy-to-Use Portal

Provide your clients the support they need, when they need it, with our easy-to-use MSP portal and give your tech engineers more time to focus on their important projects.

Managed Backup Services

MSPs Leverage Extensive Benefits With Managed Data Protection

From managing to monitoring and meeting compliance requirements based on your clients’ unique compliance goals, creating a simple workflow to handle all of this is almost impossible. It can also be hard to expect your tech team to stay engaged when you’re always overloading them with routine administrative tasks.

With Storio taking care of the heavy lifting, you’ll no longer waste time and money on handling your clients’ data protection requirements. Our goal is to help you focus on scaling your MSP business while we take care of the level 1 data protection tasks for you.

Increase Productivity for your MSP

For managed service providers, managing and monitoring multiple client environments can be resource intensive, which can hinder the growth of their businesses.

With Storio’s managed MSP backup solutions, you’ll outperform your competition by getting rid of the footprint and enjoying faster, easily scalable cloud backup software solutions that your clients will love.

Grow your MSP business and let us handle your clients’ data protection requirements, including monitoring, managing, testing, and compliance. Keep your tech engineers engaged by taking the basic level 1 tasks off their plates, and letting them focus on the more important tasks that make them utilize and expand their skill sets.

Lower Costs for your MSP

Delivering Veeam-powered cloud protection solutions to your clients can be costly, especially with the initial deployment costs and ongoing maintenance and management costs. It may also lead to lost customers – they can’t afford to wait too long to start protecting their data.

Our managed data protection services come at a low cost that ensures a positive return on your investment. Let your tech team take care of more important tasks that make your business money, and gain access to our vast range of managed data protection services for a single, predictable monthly fee.

We won’t charge you any hidden or upfront costs. Our pricing model is designed to help you make the most out of our services without exceeding your budget, and when it’s time to scale, you can reach out to us to upgrade your plan.

Additional Benefits your MSP Leverages

Other than boosting your productivity and cutting costs, our managed services offer the following perks for your MSP business:

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Monthly reporting

Get in-depth insights about your clients’ data protection activities on a monthly basis.

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Proactive management and monitoring

Provide exceptional data protection services for your customers without no effort.

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Service Level Agreements

We help you create customized service-level agreements for your customers in a way that guarantees their rights and meets their requirements while also keeping you away from any unrealistic service-level expectations.

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Priority tech support

We offer 24/7 support for MSPs so that, in the rare situation you face a technical difficulty, we can help you resolve it quickly even outside business hours.

Why Choose Storio for Managed Data Protection Solutions for MSPs?

At Storio, we support MSPs with all their data protection requirements, including licensing, fully managed backup, DR, and restore/recovery services.

With the fully managed option, you’ll be able to direct your resources to what matters while our experts take care of all your clients’ needs, including monitoring, user management, scheduling and managing cloud backups, SLAs, reporting, maintenance and testing, and lightning fast data recovery and restoration.

Our MSP portal provides easy access to compute and storage resources, as well as hassle-free backup and disaster recovery management tools.

As a Veeam-accredited Silver VCSP partner, we’re experts when it comes to managing and deploying Veeam-powered managed data protection solutions.

Managed Data Protection Solutions

Ready to accelerate your MSP growth with Managed Data Protection Services?

Managed Backup Services Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Cloud Backup Solution for MSP?

A backup solution for MSPs enables MSPs to offer cloud data backup services for their customers more efficiently. As an MSP, launching new data protection services for your customers can be complicated and time-consuming. An MSP backup solution gets rid of the footprint and optimizes cost for a higher ROI.

Storio offers managed online backup solutions for MSPs that help them direct their resources to revenue-driving tasks. By outsourcing your data protection management and support to us, you’ll be able to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

What is Managed Data Protection for MSPs?

A managed data protection platform helps MSPs overcome any data protection obstacles they face when managing multiple client workloads and environments with Veeam products.

We offer an MSP portal that provides complete visibility and control over your clients’ data. We’ve also equipped them with advanced security, monitoring, automation, and intelligence capabilities that help you optimize your workflow.

What Data Backup Services Does Storio Provide?

Currently, we provide the following data backup services:

  • Managed data protection: Offer data protection solutions for your customers without the footprint.
  • Backup as a Service (BaaS): Back up your clients’ production sites with reliable BaaS solutions that offer flexible failover and failback options.
  • Object storage: Store and archive your clients’ unstructured data at an affordable cost
  • Salesforce BaaS: Backup substantial Salesforce with our Salesforce BaaS solutions.
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service (DraaS): Get your clients’ systems back online quickly when disasters happen with our disaster recovery solution.
  • M365 BaaS: Effortlessly create and manage M365 backups for your clients’ sensitive M365 data.
  • Veeam Licensing: License your Veeam solutions easily with one universal license for all Veeam data protection products.

How Do I Get Started With Storio’s Managed Data Protection?

To get started with our Managed data protection and MSP backup software solutions, contact us now to discuss your options and get a free quote. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have as quickly as possible.