Increase the profitability and efficiency of your MSP with Managed Data Protection Services

Protect your MSP clients with the data protection services they need, while eliminating the complexity, time-intensive overheads and costly setups that are slowing your MSP down.

Why are cloud data protection services so challenging for MSPs?

The problem is it can be a real challenge for MSPs to take data protection solutions to market. Delivering data protection services profitably and efficiently is a juggle as well.

But here’s the good news:
Storio eliminates these challenges.

Storio enables MSPs to create data protection solutions and services and deliver them to their clients.

Cloud Service Provider - Veeam

A complete Veeam-powered solution

We combine Veeam’s data protection solutions with cloud storage options and a management layer to offer complete data backup and protection and disaster recovery solutions.

We can also manage the time-intensive admin and compliance to free you up to focus on growing your MSP.

Data Protection - Veeam Licensing

You’ve got your clients’ back. We’ve got yours.

You benefit with Storio in your corner.
Partnering with us means flexibility and choice.

We work with your team in a way that empowers your MSP, whether you need us to do all the heavy-lifting or just take on parts of data protection or Veeam licensing. The choice is yours.

Our Fully Managed Service means your data protection services are sorted

With our fully managed services option, we’ll provide your clients with all their cloud protection requirements for you. From management and monitoring through to testing and reporting, you can rely on us as your data protection services team.

Our Fully Managed Service includes:

  • Tenant management
  • Monitoring
  • Backup scheduling and management
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Data loss prevention
  • Rapid recovery and restoration of backup data
  • Testing and maintenance
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Discover how your MSP can benefit from our Fully Managed Service

Our Self-Managed Solution makes Veeam Licensing and client management easy

For MSPs that only need to benefit from our expertise in Veeam products, we offer a self-managed option that lets you license your Veeam solutions and use our simple MSP portal to manage different client environments and data protection services easily in one place.

You’ll also get support from our experienced tech team in things like the initial setup process and technical issues.

Our Self-Managed Solution includes:

  • Veeam licensing
  • Easy to use client management portal
  • Veeam products expertise and support
  • Tech support

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Why choose Storio for your MSP data protection?

As a Veeam accredited Silver Veeam Cloud & Service Provider (VCSP) partner, we’re unlocking profitable and efficient ways for MSPs to offer cloud data protection solutions to their clients.

  • Get all of your cloud data protection requirements, minus the hassle of setting up and managing them.
  • Make use of our efficient, scalable cloud storage services and restore your clients’ systems quickly when disaster strikes.
  • Gain instant visibility across all your clients’ data protection needs with an MSP portal that makes managing your BDR a lot less complicated.
  • Enjoy unrestricted access to compute and storage resources that keep your clients satisfied.
  • Utilize our 100% local data centers and never compromise on reliability and speed again.
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We support your MSP with end-to-end data protection services

Access a wide range of MSP data protection services that include:

Managed data protection

Managed data protection

Our Managed Data Protection Services ensure the safety and security of your MSP clients’ data. We do all the work, 24/7. You focus on growing your MSP.

Backup as a Service (BaaS)

Backup as a Service (BaaS)

Protect your MSP client data from common forms of data loss and threats with robust, scalable and cost-effective cloud backup services.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DraaS)

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DraaS)

Minimize end-user downtime with fast, flexible failover and streamlined failback of specific VMs or your MSP clients’ entire site. Disaster recovery delivering data resiliency.

Object storage

Object storage

Protect your clients and achieve compliance with long-term, S3-compatible object storage.

Microsoft 365 BaaS

Microsoft 365 BaaS

Protect your clients’ Microsoft 365 data from threats by backing up and restoring data in Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business and Microsoft Teams.

Salesforce BaaS

Salesforce BaaS

Backing up data and metadata from a Salesforce subscription should be a vital part of an organization’s data protection strategy. You can now offer this valuable solution to your clients.

Veeam Licensing

Veeam Licensing

Provision and manage Veeam licenses with more simplicity, flexibility and efficiency.

Empowering MSPs,
every step of the way

Enabling emerging MSPs to lift off

Enabling emerging MSPs to lift off

For growth stage MSPs that are still trying to find their way across the cloud services market, we provide managed data protection and Veaam licensing services that eliminate the complexity of Veeam products while keeping costs under control.

Veaam licensing services
MSP Solutions for Established MSPs

Driving efficiencies for established MSPs

Established MSPs can also improve their offerings by offloading the tedious managing, maintenance, and monitoring tasks to us while focusing on making their services available to more customers.

We’re powered by leading
technology partners

We’ve partnered with Veeam, the creator of the world’s most advanced modern data protection products

According to Gartner and other prominent sources, Veeam is the number one market-leading data protection solution provider.

We believe that your clients deserve reliable solutions that keep their mission-critical data protected and their business running smoothly under any unexpected circumstances. At the same time, we can imagine how hard it is for smaller MSPs to offer Veeam-powered solutions for their clients, and that’s why we are here!

We strive to make the launching of Veeam-powered services easier and quicker for MSPs of all sizes. Even established MSPs can use our services to scale their business.

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Cloud Service Provider - Veeam

Storio provides you with access to reliable and secure data centers equipped with cutting edge technology to safely store your data

Our servers reside in a PCI DSS compliant, annually audited site. The facility is secured with air locks, keycards, biometric scanning, roving officers, and 24/7 monitoring to guarantee your clients’ data security.

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