Backup for Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft doesn’t offer a comprehensive native backup solution for M365 workloads. Without a backup solution, your customers’ M365 data is at risk of getting permanently deleted or lost.

Managed Data Protection Services

Secure Your Clients’ Business-Critical Data With our Microsoft 365 Backup and Recovery Solution

Our M365 backup and recovery solutions provide your customers with peace of mind that their valuable data is automatically backed up and protected. In the event of a ransomware attack, natural disaster, or power outage, your clients will be able to quickly restore their M365 workloads and resume their operations normally by meeting their RPO and RTO goals.

We make this possible with efficient Veeam-powered M365 backup and recovery solutions for MSPs.

With Storio, you’ll be able to offer an M365 backup solution for your customers, without the footprint of having to set up and manage it yourself.

5 Reasons Why Your MSP Clients Need to Back Up Microsoft Office 365 Data


A ransomware attack on your client’s business can result in mission-critical M365 data being lost. Based on a recent study, the average ransom payment for a ransomware attack was $1 million in 2022, excluding the costs of downtime. An M365 backup solution prevents data loss caused by ransomware threats.

Malicious Insider Actions

Many businesses focus on protecting their data from external threats, but we can’t overlook the unnoticed internal threats. A malicious insider may attempt to steal or delete your company’s valuable M365 data, especially if they have access to important data.

Accidental Deletion

Sometimes, data may be deleted or modified by mistake. According to Veeam’s Cloud Protection Trend report, 27% of M365 admins identify accidental deletion as the number one reason why they back up M365 data.

Meeting Compliance Requirements

Many jurisdictions require organizations to adhere to certain compliance regulations and standards related to handling customers’ data. You may be required by law to retain data for a specific period.

eDiscovery (Legal Requests)

Companies often have a hard time responding to subpoenas without a backup solution. Legal requests may require M365 files from months or even years ago, and searching for these files can be challenging if you don’t have any M365 backups with simple eDiscovery capabilities.

Microsoft Office 365 Data Back Up

Why Small Businesses and Enterprises Need to Protect M365 Data

Adding M365 data backup and protection solutions to your MSP portfolio will help your customers:

Protect Their Data from Ransomware Attacks

Backing up M365 data provides your customers with a reliable ransomware recovery plan that prevents permanent data loss.

Meet Compliance Requirements

With an M365 backup solution, your customers are able to meet compliance requirements by scheduling automated backups and keeping older backups retained for a specific period.

Respond to Subpoena with Seamless eDiscovery

Responding to legal requests is made easy with fast eDiscovery and a long retention period. With an M365 backup solution, your clients can locate older files quickly even if they were deleted or modified.

Mitigate Human Error

M365 backups eliminate the risk of accidental deletion by ensuring that unmodified files are retained and safe.

Protect Data From Internal Threats

Having an off-site M365 backup ensures that data can be recovered in case a malicious internal user attempts to destroy it.

O365 Data Protection Features

Protect Critical Business Data

Our 0365 solutions protect data across your customers’ entire M365 environment, including Teams, SharePoint, Outlook, OneDrive, and any other app in the M365 suite. Storio keeps your clients’ data protected against ransomware, technology failure, and human error.

Back Up 365 Data

With M365 BaaS solutions, everything is securely backed up and protected in the cloud, including emails, chats, documents, spreadsheets, and uploads. Enjoy the following benefit with M365 BaaS:

  • Fast setup process (<5 mins)
  • Automatic backups: perform multiple auto backups per day with point-in-time snapshots of Office 365 emails, attachments, files, chats, calendars, and contacts
  • Automatic new and departing users detection for cost-efficient licensing and uninterrupted user lifecycle management
  • Cloud-managed portal: manage backups in a cloud-managed UI with no infrastructure building commitment
  • Secure data centers to store and protect your backups

Restore Data Quickly

Storio’s Veeam backup for M365 lets you recover files on a granular level or execute site-level recovery in a matter of minutes with just a few clicks.

In the recovery process, you can:

  • Restore SharePoint and OneDrive items to SharePoint Document Library or OneDrive accounts
  • Choose between full and granular restore options for individuals or groups, including MSFT Teams chats and mailboxes
  • Restore O365 files to a downloadable ZIP file
  • Maintain folder structure in full and granular restores
  • Comprehensive search function across all users for fast granular restores

We also offer scalable backup data storage options that grow with your data backup and storage requirements.

Seamless Compliance

Our O365 solutions help your customers meet complaints requirements with:

  • SOC 2 Type II audited and HIPAA-compliant data centers
  • Data encryption is applied in transit and on a file-level
  • Data control and management tools, such as SLAs, audit logs, and export functions

Our solutions ensure that your O365 data is protected, secure, and easy to recover.

Storio + Veeam = Compliance made simple.

Why Don’t Microsoft 365 Subscriptions Include Backup?

The Microsoft 365 subscription model doesn’t have native backup capabilities due to Microsoft’s shared responsibility model. The model clearly defines what Microsoft and its M365 customers are responsible for.

Microsoft’s part lies in making its services available for its customers with minimal downtime. This can be achieved by providing protection for its IT infrastructure to ensure high uptime.

The customer’s responsibility, on the other hand, is to protect their M365 data from loss and theft by collaborating with a 3rd-party M365 backup solution.

And while O365 includes replication, it can’t replace backups. Replicas are created in near real-time to ensure business continuity and keep your critical business apps running in case of a minor problem like a power outage.

Backups, on the other hand, are created in offsite locations to make data recoverable in case of a disaster, like ransomware attacks, or natural disasters. They’re irreplaceable when it comes to data loss prevention, as well as meeting compliance requirements.

Why Storio M365 Backup for MSPs

At Storio, our mission is to help MSPs deploy M365 backup solutions for their customers while keeping costs under control and eliminating complexity.

Our M365 backup solutions for MSPs ensure a faster time to market and a positive ROI.

Opting for our fully managed option will help you focus your resources on growing your MSP business while we manage your customers’ M365 data protection requirements, which include:

  • Maintenance and testing
  • User management
  • Cloud backup management and scheduling
  • SLAs
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Fast data backup and restoration

With Storio, you’ll also be able to leverage our easy-to-use MSP portal that gives you a complete single pane of glass visibility over your clients’ M365 environments and workloads.

Access bleeding-edge compute and storage resources, in addition to user-friendly backup and disaster recovery management tools with a single monthly subscription.

With the fully managed option, you’ll be able to direct your resources to what matters while our experts take care of all your clients’ needs, including monitoring, user management, scheduling and managing cloud backups, SLAs, reporting, maintenance and testing, and lightning fast data recovery and restoration.

As a Veeam-accredited Silver VCSP partner, we’re trusted by growing and established MSPs when it comes to deploying Veeam-powered M365 BaaS solutions.

Storio M365 Backup

Ready to protect your MSP clients with Microsoft 365 Backup Services?

Microsoft 365 Backup Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of having a Cloud Backup for your O365 subscription?

Some of the benefits of backing up your 0365 subscription to the cloud include:

  • Provide protection against ransomware and other types of malware
  • Enable seamless eDiscovery for compliance requirements
  • Prevent data loss in case of accidental deletion, power outages, natural disasters, and other incidents
  • Protect data from malicious insiders
  • Our M365 BaaS solutions keep your clients’ data protected with reliable cloud backups that help you restore data after an unexpected incident.

How much data is stored, and how long can I keep it?

Our M365 BaaS solutions enable you to store as much data as you need. Depending on your data requirements, we’ll provide the required resources needed to ensure that your backups are reliable and intact. You can also scale your backup data requirements up or down with our flexible M365 solutions.

As for how long you can keep your M365 data backups, we highly recommend taking a look at Veeam’s retention policy which illustrates how item-based and snapshot-based retention work.

What are the potential costs of data loss for businesses?

According to a recent report by IBM, the average estimated cost of data loss for businesses was $4.35 million in 2022, a 2.61% increase from $4.24 million in 2021. Another study by Verizon found that the potential costs of a data breach can range from a few thousand dollars all the way up to $15 million.

At Storio, we offer reliable M365 BaaS solutions that provide protection for your data. With automatic backups, rest assured that you’ll be able to recover your data in case of data loss.

How do I get started?

If you want to start protecting your critical O365 from cyberattacks, natural disasters, power outages, and other severe scenarios, reach out to us to learn about our Office 365 backup solutions.

Our services can be customized based on your unique data protection requirements.

What is the Veeam Microsoft Shared Responsibility Model?

The Microsoft Shared Responsibility Model explains how the responsibility for data availability and protection is divided between Microsoft and its customers. It states that Microsoft is only responsible for ensuring uptime for its M365 infrastructure. However, it’s the user’s responsibility to back up and protect their critical data with a third-party backup solution.

Our Veeam-powered M365 BaaS solutions enable you to protect your clients’ mission-critical M365 data with automated backups that ensure reliable recovery in case of data loss.