MSP Solutions for Growth Stage MSPs

Get the resources and support required to scale your MSP.

MSP Solutions for Growth Stage MSPs

Growing your MSP business is no easy task when your team and resources are already at full capacity handling all your clients’ requirements.
From monitoring to testing and management, meeting your clients’ data protection expectations and different compliance requirements can be very time-consuming.

Not to mention, your tech team will have less time available since they’re already busy handling mundane administrative work instead of focusing on major business initiatives that aim to increase revenue.

Storio enables you to direct your resources to your business scaling efforts by taking the time-consuming data protection management tasks off your plate.

Do You Have a Resource Gap Between What You Can Support and What Your Customers Require for Your Cloud Data Protection Solutions?

As a growing managed service provider, striking the perfect balance between expanding your product offering and maintaining your resources can be challenging.

Launching a new data protection solution means that you need to invest time, money, and labor. Even after you’ve finally deployed your solutions, you still need to assign monitoring and management tasks to your tech engineers, distracting them from more critical business initiatives. Many growing MSPs simply don’t have the required resources to handle this.

At Storio, we simplify the process of deploying Veeam-powered data protection solutions for MSPs. At a fraction of the cost of going through the process from A to Z all by yourself, you’ll be able to offer efficient and scalable data protection services for your clients with a fast time to market.

Outsource your entire data protection services to our team with an affordable monthly subscription and focus on scaling your MSP and maximizing your ROI.

Cloud Data Protection Solutions

Leverage Extensive MSP Benefits with Storio

Storio lets you choose between fully managed and self-managed options to handle your clients’ VM and workload protection requirements.

With Storio’s fully managed option, we do the heavy lifting to ensure you can offer your clients world-class data protection services. The benefits to your business are clear:

  • Proactive management and monitoring of your clients’ data protection needs
  • Automatic cloud backups and software upgrades
  • Interval reporting
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Priority support from our engineers and consultants
  • Optimized internal operations to maximize your ROI

Alternatively, you can access our expertise and licensing solutions with the self-managed option. Using our convenient MSP portal, you’ll gain complete visibility of all of your clients’ environments in one place. Carry out all the repetitive tasks efficiently with powerful tools and automation capabilities, including:

  • Tracking and management
  • Testing and upgrades
  • Automated online backup creation and scheduling
  • Backup data restoration
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Self-provision Veeam licensing
  • 24/7 support from our tech team

You’ll also benefit from a fast setup process with the help of our support team.

Contact Storio to discuss how we can help your MSP grow.

Our Solutions

Storio offers a wide array of MSP data protection solutions that cater to the varying needs of your customers, which include:

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DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service)

Our disaster recovery solution helps your customers prepare for disasters by keeping healthy data backup copies and restoring them on demand. We enable you to offer disaster recovery orchestration and backup execution for your customers’ IT infrastructure and data.

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BaaS (Backup as a Service)

With our cloud backup software solutions, you’ll be able to create and maintain offsite data backups to protect your clients’ data from threats such as accidental deletion, malware (including ransomware), malicious insiders, and power outages.

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Backup for Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft’s shared responsibility model states that customers are responsible for protecting their M365 data with a third-party cloud backup solution. Our M365 MSP backup solutions allow you to back up and restore your customers’ M365 data, including Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Outlook data.

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Backup for Salesforce

Similar to Microsoft, Salesforce’s native data protection features are limited, requiring customers to partner with a third-party backup provider to protect their mission-critical data.

Our MSP backup software solution for Salesforce facilitates backing up and managing Salesforce environments for your customers.

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Object Storage

Our object storage solutions provide cheaper and more secure and scalable storage options for your customers’ unstructured data that don’t require frequent modifications. They also enable faster searchability by ditching the traditional folder hierarchy.

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Why is Storio the Ideal Partner for Growth Stage Managed Service Providers?

Partnering with Storio lets you benefit from expert support for your MSP data protection requirements, including licensing, fully managed services, backup, DR, and recovery.

With the fully managed option, we’ll take care of all your clients’ needs, including user management, monitoring, scheduling and managing backups, SLAs, data recovery, reporting, and maintenance and testing.

Leverage our simple MSP portal and get simplified viewability and management of your backup and disaster recovery solutions, as well as access and scale your required compute and storage resources on-demand.

All our data centers are 100% local, ensuring fast speeds, reliability, and data sovereignty. Restore your workloads effortlessly and achieve your customers’ RPO and RTO targets. Leverage efficient and scalable cloud storage systems with no upfront costs or wait time.

Veeam is the industry leader in the world of data protection, and we can’t argue that your customers deserve anything less than the best data protection products. At the same time, we want you to maintain your resources and deliver these solutions as efficiently as possible to ensure a positive ROI.

With Storio, you’ll be able to adopt Veeam-powered solutions without the footprint. Say goodbye to complex deployments and hefty setup and management costs. As a Veeam accredited Silver VCSP partner, we know the ins and outs of launching and managing Veeam data protection solutions while ensuring minimal costs and fast time to market.

Managed Service Providers

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