Reliable Disaster Recovery as a Service for MSPs

As an MSP, keeping your clients’ businesses running is a priority, especially with disasters such as ransomware, human error, and hardware failure becoming more common.

Backups alone aren’t enough for proper disaster recovery planning.

Storio’s Veeam-powered Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solutions allow you to recover client applications and workloads quickly in case of disasters with minimal RPO and RTO.

DRaaS Solutions

Deploying and Managing DRaaS Solutions is Now Easier Than Ever

We carry the heavy load by taking care of everything related to protecting and securing your clients’ applications, including planning, designing, and implementing your DRaaS solutions.

With Storio, deploying and managing Veeam-powered DRaaS solutions is made easy. Focus on growing your MSP by accessing industry-leading DR expertise and fully managed solutions for your disaster recovery workflows.

Why do MSPs need to offer DRaaS services?

For businesses of all sizes, the risk of disasters can’t be taken lightly. Disasters such as ransomware, unexpected power outages, natural disasters, and accidental deletion can all have a catastrophic impact on your clients’ sites.

Implementing DRaaS as a part of a proactive disaster recovery strategy is the only way to keep your clients’ workloads and applications protected.

Storio’s Veeam-powered Disaster Recovery as a Service solution will help your clients speed up recovery times and maintain business continuity, without the associated overheads, upfront costs, and complexity.

DRaaS services

With Storio DRaaS, MSPs can leverage extensive features and benefits

  • Maintain business continuity without requiring a second datacenter
  • Achieve your clients’ recovery objectives with custom SLAs
  • Faster time to market with turnkey solutions
  • Single pane of glass visibility for your clients’ cloud environments and workloads
  • Protect workloads across on-premises, cloud, virtual, and physical using one platform
  • Choose between self-managed and fully-managed DRaaS solutions
  • Flexible and secure Failover and Failback for VMs, with no data loss and minimal disruption
  • End-to-end encryption at rest and in transit provides maximum security with SSL/TLS connection
  • Access insider protection services to store backup data and protect it from deletion
  • Execute full- or partial-site failover to a remote cloud DR facility with a secure, easy-to-use MSP portal
  • Daily system status check and monitoring
  • Regular uptime and protection reports
  • Non-disruptive testing capabilities with no impact on your clients’ workloads
  • Automated software maintenance and upgrades

What Are the Benefits of DRaaS for Small Businesses and Enterprises?

As an MSP, offering reliable DRaaS solutions for your customers will enable them to enjoy extensive data protection benefits, which include:

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Maintaining Data Security

With SSL/TSL source encryption for mission-critical data, both in flight and at rest, organizations can maintain data security when they opt for DRaaS.

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Minimizing Downtime

Resuming operations quickly after a disruption is a challenge for small businesses and large enterprises alike. DRaaS enables single file recovery to an entire data center, ensuring fast recovery with minimal RTO (Recovery Time Objective).

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Maintaining Always-on Availability

DRaaS solutions help organizations prepare for disruptions and ensure business continuity with always-on service availability.

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Fast and Affordable Scaling

Organizations can easily scale their DR infrastructure without having to set up a secondary data center – an approach that’s faster and more cost-efficient than managing DRaaS in-house.

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Meeting Compliance Requirements

Cloud disaster recovery strategies make it easier for organizations to meet compliance requirements related to data handling, retention, and recoverability by ensuring data recoverability and avoiding data loss.

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Preserving Internal IT Resources

For many businesses, implementing DR can be resource intensive. With DRaaS, businesses can leverage secure and scalable DRaaS solutions without having to overload their internal IT resources.

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Routine Recoverability Testing

Many businesses prefer to routinely test recoverability to prepare for disasters. DRaaS solutions enable non-disruptive testing to ensure backup integrity and recoverability.

Why Choose DRaaS for MSPs from Storio?

Storio is a business that’s designed to help MSPs offer DRaaS solutions to their customers with a fast time to market, minimal costs, and zero complexity.

Our flexible solutions can be deployed with two models: fully managed and self-managed options.

The fully managed option is basically leaving your DRaaS deployment on auto-pilot – we’ll take care of all your clients’ DRaaS requirements, including reporting, monitoring, maintenance, SLAs, licensing, backup scheduling and management, user management, and rapid data recovery and restoration.

Alternatively, you can utilize our MSP portal to benefit from our easily accessible, cutting-edge backup and disaster recovery management tools, as well as cloud storage and compute resources.

As a Veeam-accredited Silver VCSP partner, we know the ins and outs of managing and deploying Veeam-powered DRaaS solutions without incurring your MSP any high upfront costs.

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Ready to accelerate your MSP growth while Protecting your client with reliable DRaaS solutions?

DRaaS Frequently Asked Questions

How does disaster recovery as a service work?

DRaaS solutions replicate and host servers in an offsite facility. In case of a disaster that results in downtime, the cloud disaster recovery plan is conducted in the remote facility to quickly restore the customer’s primary environment and workloads.

At Storio, we offer flexible DraaS solutions for MSPs that enable them to maintain their clients’ business operations.

How does DRaaS protect the end-user?

DRaaS protects the end user by enabling the IT team to create a virtual instance of a laptop as a temporary solution until the end user receives a new device.

End-user protection has become more important than ever, with many organizations adopting remote and hybrid work environments. Our DRaaS solution covers all endpoints, ensuring that any internet-connected device is protected from ransomware and other types of threats.

Is Business Continuity the same as Disaster Recovery?

Business continuity is an organization’s capability to continue offering its services in case of a disaster. It emphasizes outlining how the business will continue to operate during and after a disaster happens.

Disaster recovery, on the other hand, focuses on developing a proactive plan that enables businesses to recover their IT infrastructure and regain data access quickly after a disaster.

At Storio, we provide DRaaS solutions that can help you recover from disasters quickly and achieve your RTO and RPO objectives, as well as maintain business continuity.

What is the Recovery Point Objective (RPO)?

The recovery point objective (RPO) is the maximum tolerable time duration within which the loss of data after a disaster is acceptable. In other words, it’s used to express the amount of time that has passed since the most recent successful backup.

Our DRaaS solutions provide enough flexibility for you to meet your RPO goals. You can choose between daily (or multiple times per day), weekly, and monthly backups depending on your needs.

What is a Recovery Time Objective (RTO)?

The recovery time objective (RTO) is a timeframe within which a business can restore its IT infrastructure without having to deal with irreversible and catastrophic consequences. The RTO varies from one business to another, and even across different industries.

DRaaS solutions enable fast and reliable data recovery in case of disasters. No matter how tight your customers’ RTO goals are, we’ll help you meet them.

How Do I Get Started With Storio’s DRaaS?

To get started with our DRaaS solutions, contact us now to discuss your options and get a free quote. We’re here to answer any questions about how your MSP can deliver reliable Veeam-powered DRaaS for your clients.